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In brief

* 4 hours of dancing to hard house non-stop does not a happy back make. There appears to be some DOMS in the area, but how it happened; I’m not entirely sure.

* I was looking at my abdomen in the mirror the other night and was fretting at the apparent ‘roll’ of fat that didn’t seem to be shifting, only getting bigger. Upon asking the boy for his opinion, he said, “That isn’t fat, that’s your 2-pack.” I was a little stunned, but pleasantly surprised. More on this at a later date.

* In celebrating the most awesome weather today, I made a variant of GN’s strawberry coconut pudding; only I used peaches and bananas. It was a good decision, creamy, sweet and a refreshing end to the day. A little uplifting trance was the cherry on the cake.


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Suppliments: Spike

In terms of supplimentation, I use protein powder (for easy access to protein) and fish oils (helps my mood), and that’s it. I tend to be a cynical about other products, and after watching Supersized vs Superskinny, where two glamour models were talking about the concoctions they take, and can spend about two hours on the treadmill, I was put off in an almighty way.

A gymming friend of mine who shall remain nameless ­čśë gave me two pills of a┬ásports suppliment named Spike. He told me that it pushes you to work harder during those sets where you feel like you can’t go on; but in this case, you do, with added rawrness.

I kept them tucked away in my make up bag for ages and forgot all about them. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use them in the gym as I get very excited when I’m hyperactive, and I’m also hypermobile so that’s probably not a good combination. I went clubbing┬álast night, and as I was putting my make-up on, I found the two yellow ducks among my million eyeshadows. I was feeling pretty sleepy, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to try one of them out, as I didn’t want to leave this event early. Took with some water and forgot about it.

By the time the boy and I reached Heaven, I had sensations of what others would describe as coming up. Light nausea, tacchycardia and a bit of a buzz.

I danced solidly for 4.5 hours without a break. I think pictures were also taken, which I’m dreading slightly┬á(read: a lot). At some points, I thought about having a rest, but then another tune would come on and I’d start stomping again. In a way I’m relieved I didn’t try this at the gym, I’m sure I’d be broken.

But yeah, good for a night of hard dance. Without the rat poison or comedown.

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