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Chin-up progress 4

I am so close to being able to do 3 unassisted chin-ups, I can almost taste it… or at least my sweat. I started the new TT programme¬†on Wednesday¬†(dear dog, the pain from the DOMS this morning) and I started out with the bench press so perhaps lost a bit of energy doing that as I was pushing quite hard, but I’m hoping I may be able to push out 3 in a couple of weeks. You never know, by the end of the year I might be able to get to 5! ūüėČ


The programme itself went well. I had to really grit my teeth and power through in some areas but just seeing the sweat on my face as opposed to a glow was worth it. It’s good to be back in something where I feel motivated enough to really go for it.



2 comments May 30, 2008

Chin up progress part 3

Yesterday I focused on doing as many as I could, then for the rest of the time, doing the same, but on the negative portion of the movement, and I did the reps s-l-o-w-l-y. I also changed my grip from supinated to pronated.

My upper body (and my abdominal muscles) are very sore this morning.

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Chin up progress, part 2

No. of unassisted chin-ups: 2.

 I was pleasantly surprised by this today. Possibly because I had managed to add weight to my bench press so I was expecting my body to be a little exhausted by that. Somehow though (with gritted teeth) I managed to push through that barrier telling me to stop at one, and I managed to get the other one in. Having the hard house remix to Carte Blanche booming in my ears helped, it was a welcome break from the crappy garage with or without chipmunk vocals in the background.

 I also added weight to the lat pulldown, and managed to add time to my planking (2 minutes, 15 seconds). Bon.

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Chin up progress #1

Unassisted chin ups: 1.

It came by surprise, I hadn’t expected to be able to haul myself up with my arms fully outstretched, so the look on my face in the mirror was a cross between, “Oooh!” and “Ahhh!”

To celebrate, I enjoyed a pineapple, banana and coconut milk smoothie into university and told my boyfriend and a male friend of mine.

If I had someone screaming torrents of abuse at me, I perhaps would have made it to 2. Instead, I was happy enough doing a manic little dance in my head. It may have seeped out into the physical realm, but luckily, no one saw.

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