The aftermath

March 23, 2009 rooroo

Well, I never expected a breakfast TV show to break into new frontiers when it comes to resistance training and the enormous benefits that comes with. The British media are currently worshipping at the alter of Tracy ‘No woman should ever lift more than 3lbs!’ Anderson and obviously a trainer likes to use their clients as an advertisement – cue a shot of Gwenyth and Madonna (by the way, this is the same Madonna that many people refer to in the sentence, “But I can’t lift more than a pencil, I’ll end up looking like Madonna!”)

“Teeny arms! Teeny arms!” Tracy yelped a couple of times. Not only do people want toned arms it seems, but also cachexia.

The resistance in the exercises came in the form of air. Quite a few flicking motions, my personal favourite came in the form where you take the position as if you’ve got a very fat person standing behind you, and you have to bring your arms back and flick your wrists as if you’re trying to slap their arse. Don’t take my word for it, watch and learn.

Then of course Lorraine and some random fashionista guy commented on the feature, and made the very important point that you obviously don’t want to become too muscular just nice and toned. Whatever the hell that means. I’m surprised Lorraine didn’t say, “Too muscular like Madonna,” but that would be mean-spirited (not to mention confusing) given who her personal trainer is.

Joke of it is, does anyone really think Michelle Obama got arms like that from uber high reps and no kind of weight on the end? I’ll bet she can bench press her husband, and I’d happily pay to see that.


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