It can’t only be Monday

March 16, 2009 rooroo

Incorporating barbell squats and deadlifts back into my workout has sent my appetite soaring. It’s not helped by the fact that I’m approaching my pre-menstrual state where carbohydrates to me = what butter is to James Martin. I thought it would be a good opportunity to venture into a copy of Gourmet Nutrition desserts I was sent. I’m liking the idea of chocolate ricotta, 32g of protein, nom nom.


A medic friend of mine informed me that women shouldn’t do full push ups, and should be on their knees instead. Reason? It causes the uterus to stretch. That is not a joke. This person is definitely training to be a doctor.

Things that don’t cause the uterus to stretch: push ups

Things that do: babies


A friend of mine recommended a sex shop run by and for women. She also mentioned that they offer you a cup of tea when you visit. I’m intrigued – what kind of tea are we talking about?


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  • 1. Gubernatrix&hellip  | 

    Am shocked at the push-up claim. How on earth does someone come up with that in the first place??

    Look, I can make them up too! Wide stance squats stretch the cervix; deadlifting sumo style will break your hymen and you will be cast out of your village for not being a virgin; doing sit ups will make your womb permanently L-shaped…..

  • 2. elle&hellip  | 

    Sh!? (punctuation malfunction)

    I got crap instant coffee last time I was there but I didn’t mind cos the staff is cute and the book section is awesome.

  • 3. rooroo&hellip  | 

    @gubernatrix: loved the l-shaped uterus comment, I may have to try that on someone

    @Lou: yep, it’s Sh! I plan on stocking up on some kinky books once my exams are over with. Will avoid the disappointing coffee

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