Twisted gym pleasures

February 24, 2009 rooroo

The feeling that you’re about to throw up.

The last time I vomited happened in the spring of 1991 (it was that memorable and traumatic) and ever since then I have a huge fear about seeing the contents of digestion in my lap. Bulgarian split squats in a superset with push ups left me with feeling that it was going to happen. The feeling disappeared as soon as I started stretching and I felt wonderful.

Producing more sweat than anyone else in the room

Rahh! Forget glowing, worship the perspiration, kiss my biceps, I am He-Man, see the sweat drip down my forehead! The guys looked on in admiration (NB: this may not have happened) and two yoga girls looked down their noses at me (NB: this definitely happened 😦  )

The inability to walk down steps due to leg shakiness

Nuff said.


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