Gynaecology, at your cervix

February 7, 2009 rooroo

Up until the shoulder dystocia on Friday morning, I was feeling relatively chilled about the process of childbirth; now I’m shit scared again. I guess that can only be a good thing for now and buys me a couple more years before I decide to procreate. One thing I won’t be doing is making a birth plan as they seem utterly pointless. I don’t drink the natural birth kool-aid so it’s not like I really need to have a 50 point check-list of all the things I’m going to refuse anyway. That’s not to say people shouldn’t write them, I think they can be very useful tools in terms of getting a brief idea of a patient’s expectations.


What possessed me to make biscuits now, I don’t know. There’s some icing to do. And Riesling to drink.


Gym, Monday. Bout time too.


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