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September 28, 2008 rooroo

There’s a bit of whatthefuckkery flying around the fitness blogs at the moment, I’ve picked up that both Swigg and (I love this name) No Pink Dumbbells have commented on it: in a nutshell, a Sleb trainer Tracy Anderson (who trains Madonna, Gwenyth to name a few – Gwenyth was in the feature) made a couple of boo-boos:

* “No woman should ever lift more than 3lbs”

* Working out 6 days a week for 2 hours lifting puny little weights with thousands of repetitions

As mentioned in No Pink Dumbbells, the irony comes that through lifting her toddler repeatedly on one arm – that arm is actually the one that looks better, and not the one subjected to what I can only describe as a  pseudo-workout.

Le sigh. It reminds me off poor Natalie Cassidy who lost 2.5 stone (nothing to sneer at), struggled to maintain the losses she made and is now gaining (much to the delight of some press outlets). But her workout was flawed from the start. By her own admission, her fitness programme involved working out up to 2 hours a day. 2 hours?! Every day?! Besides trying to get my head around devoting so much time to it, surely anyone could have seen that this was a lifestyle that could not have been maintained and was doomed from the start?

I did some research on her personal trainer, Dee Thresher (for research, read: googling) and GMTV described her as a ‘Fitness Guru’, but there doesn’t seem to be much online about what her values are when it comes to things like eating well and working out. Although she was quoted regarding Natalie’s weight gain:

‘I’m really disappointed that Natalie has put the weight back on.

‘We worked really hard to get her to change her routine  and bad habits and became really close friends.

Homing in on bad habits, I don’t know any personal trainer worth their salt who would advocate a 2 hour workout, every day of the week. I certainly wouldn’t say it was a ‘good habit’ to get into. How do they expect a client to stick to that, or even enjoy it? My attitude to exercise is that it isn’t how long you work out for, but how efficiently. Edit: I found Dee’s own website, and judging by her pictures, that was not a body built by 2 hour workouts every day.

As Gubernatrix said in her most recent post, there is a deep rooted problem among women regarding nutrition and perceptions about certain fitness regiemes. Being paid to set up people for failure is the icing on the WTF cake.

EDIT AGAIN: It appears that I have been mistaken and that dee [sic] commented wishing to set me straight as it’s not uncommon for personal trainers to get misquoted in mass media. With the stature my blog carries and huge readership of my uber handful of friends, I could not possibly live with myself if I let such a travesty occur, so here is the change:

The two hour workouts are only (only) for 3 days a week. Never trust a doctor who has dead office plants.

Have a nice day, folks 🙂


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  • 1. dee&hellip  | 

    Hi i am dee, who you have commented on. I did not do two hour workouts with her everyday, i did 2 hour workouts with her 3 x per week. the press will say all sorts of things and i have been misquoted so please bear this in mind when writing stuff. cheers

  • 2. Mickey&hellip  | 

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you like the blog name.

  • 3. elle&hellip  | 

    But, but, but… 3 lbs is *counts on fingers* less than 1.5 kg.

    Can you even tell you’re holding anything?

  • 4. dommebell&hellip  | 

    I’m pretty sure they have heavier handbags…

  • 5. Gubernatrix&hellip  | 

    I could blow dear Gwyneth over with a bat of my eyelashes but I would have expected more from Madonna!

    I live in hope that the message will get through eventually.

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