Fat in a jug, please!

July 20, 2008 rooroo

Aside from my subscription to Women’s Health magazine, I try to steer clear of women’s magazines. I wouldn’t call them magazines as such, more like insecurity and consumerism in 100 glossy pages (yes you are fat and your boyfriend wants to cheat on you). The geek in me always preferred the New Scientist, Economist and the student BMJ.

On the front of a glossy this week, I saw a front page picture of various celebrities, discussing the eternal struggle for them to keep their weight down in light of releasing numerous fitness DVDs. Their body mass goes up and down like a yoyo. 2 inches across from was the following, “The milkshake diet. We tried it, it works!”

Do you think the irony came and stabbed the editors between the eyes?


Entry Filed under: body image, musings

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