July 5, 2008 rooroo

Friday morning, and I woke up in a blind panic. This used to happen frequently a few years ago when I had to deal with exam stress and anxiety, and it was a pretty horrible feeling to wake up to. The cause of my panic was centred around the OSCE that I’m soon to take, but somehow it must have been cluttering about in my subconscious before I woke up. I was also meeting my consultant to have my final forms signed off, so it wasn’t going to be the most stress-free day.

I considered taking some propranolol in the morning, I ususally keep my stash aside and take a couple of pills before my first exam, but I forgot to. A blessing in hindsight.

Went to the gym, and had a nice workout (didn’t feel nice at the time). Came home, cooked, sat down with some books and realised how totally and utterly chilled out I was feeling. My heard rate was normal, had no butterflies or feelings that adrenaline was rushing around my system. I was like a sponge and the gym squeezed out any tension, just like a light switch that had been flicked off. Twas an awesome feeling. Better than propranolol.


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