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The search for a squash

The mission to find spaghetti squash in the UK has been pretty difficult. I haven’t yet asked at the Whole Foods Market if they plan on getting some in, but I found one site in Bognor Regis which appear to supply them. Driving all the way down kind of stomps all over the idea of locally sourced food, but I’d really like to make the recipe featured on GN with bolognese sauce.

I am also feeling mildly broken from a rather excellent party last night. I had the opportunity to get my red seam stockings out for public viewing, I’d definitely like to buy the raspberry coloured pair on my next outing.


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This isn’t the only blog I keep, I used to write a lot in another one not too far away from the blogosphere, but it is not public. Every now and then I go back and see what I was up to in the past.

On this day 3 years ago: I was contemplating dating a man who previously worked as a girl-on-girl porn cameraman. We never went on that date.

On this day 5 years ago: The night before my A level chemistry exam. It seems so long ago now. I was pretty miserable back then. Very, actually. Exams in medicine seem like a breeze compared to that. As my exams are approaching in 6 weeks, will the exams ever end?

On this day 6 years ago: I was discussing Kirsten Dunst’s breasts with a kiwi friend of mine.

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And it was all yellow

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to call myself a feminist. Well, perhaps that part isn’t true; I’m finding it increasingly difficult to associate myself with feminism as a movement and other feminists. This has been mulling around for a while, and for some reason it came to light during a time when I should be focusing on more important things than ideas flying around in my head.

The library is my home this weekend. Just a shame that the Victoria line is off limits, but it means a nice bus journey around Hyde Park.

I have been cooking with yellow courgettes recently. My grandmother used to cook with them a lot, I absolutely love the heady aroma, I’m thinking of throwing them into a curry with some chickpeas.

3 chin-ups. Almost happened. I’d call it a 2.8, I’m sure it will happen next time.

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Dairy Kween

My head is a spinning mass of medicine at the moment, there’s not time for much else, and I occassionally get bouts of thinking I have done nowhere near enough to pass the end of year exams, then they pass, and I just keep working. I qualify as a doctor in 2 years and I’m still not quite sure what I really want to do with myself. I decided to go into medicine at 17, how anyone can really make such decisions at a young time in their life is beyond me.

There have been more women using the free weights room recently. I’m always happy to see more women doing weights, I have become friendly with one of them and we occassionally have a quick chat about routines and things. Must get her name next time though.

After today’s gym session (no strength gains made, but I feel absolutely shattered after the attempt at pistol squats) I went on a bit of a dairy splurge. Mascarpone for protein bars, gouda for omelettes/tortillas and butter for buttery goodness.

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The chick or the egg?

I have been pondering a few things about my life lately, and today the universe threw a bit of a riddle at me. I was standing at the platform of the train station, when I noticed a perfectly hollowed out little white egg. I wondered to myself if the perfectly demarcated border was due to a preditor slowly picking away at the contents little by little until there was nothing left, or whether the chick in question managed to hatch, get out and live.

My train arrived 2 minutes later.  

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