In brief

May 6, 2008 rooroo

* 4 hours of dancing to hard house non-stop does not a happy back make. There appears to be some DOMS in the area, but how it happened; I’m not entirely sure.

* I was looking at my abdomen in the mirror the other night and was fretting at the apparent ‘roll’ of fat that didn’t seem to be shifting, only getting bigger. Upon asking the boy for his opinion, he said, “That isn’t fat, that’s your 2-pack.” I was a little stunned, but pleasantly surprised. More on this at a later date.

* In celebrating the most awesome weather today, I made a variant of GN’s strawberry coconut pudding; only I used peaches and bananas. It was a good decision, creamy, sweet and a refreshing end to the day. A little uplifting trance was the cherry on the cake.


Entry Filed under: body image, clubbing, food, musings

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