Suppliments: Spike

May 5, 2008 rooroo

In terms of supplimentation, I use protein powder (for easy access to protein) and fish oils (helps my mood), and that’s it. I tend to be a cynical about other products, and after watching Supersized vs Superskinny, where two glamour models were talking about the concoctions they take, and can spend about two hours on the treadmill, I was put off in an almighty way.

A gymming friend of mine who shall remain nameless ūüėČ gave me two pills of a¬†sports suppliment named Spike. He told me that it pushes you to work harder during those sets where you feel like you can’t go on; but in this case, you do, with added rawrness.

I kept them tucked away in my make up bag for ages and forgot all about them. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use them in the gym as I get very excited when I’m hyperactive, and I’m also hypermobile so that’s probably not a good combination. I went clubbing¬†last night, and as I was putting my make-up on, I found the two yellow ducks among my million eyeshadows. I was feeling pretty sleepy, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to try one of them out, as I didn’t want to leave this event early. Took with some water and forgot about it.

By the time the boy and I reached Heaven, I had sensations of what others would describe as coming up. Light nausea, tacchycardia and a bit of a buzz.

I danced solidly for 4.5 hours without a break. I think pictures were also taken, which I’m dreading slightly¬†(read: a lot). At some points, I thought about having a rest, but then another tune would come on and I’d start stomping again. In a way I’m relieved I didn’t try this at the gym, I’m sure I’d be broken.

But yeah, good for a night of hard dance. Without the rat poison or comedown.


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