Food: GN’s chickpea cakes

May 4, 2008 rooroo

Chickpeas… is there anything they can’t do? Hummus, stews, Sicilian panelle , chickpea burgers, the list is endless, bless those little golden gems. I made the recipe for chickpea cakes a week ago, but medical school ate up my ability to lead a normal life, so…

The preparation is pretty easy. Chopping and sauteing a few vegetables (onion, courgette, pepper, adding garlic and ginger later on) while blending chickpeas with some eggs.

Presentation however, took a bit of a turn. The book presents the cakes as a beautiful, light little pancake, but by the time it came to flipping the first one, I knew that the texture was far from a pancake, so it all went a little pear-shaped. Instead, I gave up, poured the mixture into an oven dish and baked it for a few minutes. Same result, although not as aesthetically pleasing as the book!

Taste-wise, they were absolutely incredible. The flavours the chickpeas, pepper, cumin and ginger melded so well together that they formed a warm, fragrant and delicious accompaniment to the meal. The texture was light and fluffy, I could have happily have scoffed the lot out of a bowl.


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  • 1. elle&hellip  | 

    I made this last night:

    except I used bulgar wheat and spring onions instead of quinoa and red onion. The dressing is amazing!

  • 2. dommebell&hellip  | 

    Ooh that dressing sounds delicious and summery. There are so many recipes that I want to try, I love the sound of getting some girlfriends over and making pea dumplings.

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