Food: Whole Foods Market

May 3, 2008 rooroo

After last month’s lunch date with my friend K, she promised to take me around the Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington. I don’t visit West London very often unless I intend to visit friends, buy expensive chocolate or luxury underwear; so I jumped at the opportunity.

Word of caution: if it’s your first time visiting the place, take a friend who has been before with you. K was rather like a birthing partner – someone who will hold your hand through the process, someone who has been through it before themselves and will remain calm when things start to get a little freaky.

Anthropologically speaking, it’s very clever that the first thing you’re exposed to is: carbohydrate. Delicious breads, beautifully crafted fruit tarts, baked goods, and handsome men handing you small pieces of bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil. Luckily K knew how predictable my behaviour would be (i.e. excitable) so she took me by the shoulders and led me to the cheese room, where I picked up some rather delicious looking cheese from Holland.

Then we headed downstairs to bulk ingredients, fresh fruit and vegetables, and aisle upon aisle of food. I think we spent about a hour and a half there. One of my biggest squeee moments of the day came upon seeing the gadget you can pop some nuts into, give a twist et voila, your own nut butter. Bueno.

After a break for some food (I went with the Middle Eastern vibe and had some hummus, cous cous, kibbeh’s and flatbread) we headed into the section dealing with prepared food, and I picked up some black rice, polenta triangles with mushrooms, arancini (Sicilian rice balls, very moreish. Not sure if they are also Moorish, but delicious all the same) and some grilled asparagus for tonight’s supper. So all in all, I came away with:

Gouda cheese

Hazelnut butter

Agave syrup

Wholewheat spaghetti

Miso soup sachets

Peaches x4


Tin of refried pinto beans with chili and lime

Jumbo raisins

And a partridge in a pear tree. The only downside to the store is that I could have easily spent all my money in there. Everytime I turned a corner I saw something which I could try in a new recipe, or add to my granola (even though I have 3/4 of a litre left in the tub.)

Already planning the next trek…


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