Food: GN gooey chocolate protein muffins

April 30, 2008 rooroo

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t make good muffins. They typically come out with a lightness that resembles a bag of sand sticking to the roof of your mouth. When I started making muffins (during a time I was worshipping at the alter of Nigella Lawson) she stated that a muffin need not be a pumped up cake from a factory, but a sweet, tender roll. I tried, and failed (I still enjoy orange breakfast muffins occasionally, except my batch are made with wholemeal flour) but I wasn’t going to let my cack handedness stop me from trying out Gourmet Nutrition’s version of gooey chocolate muffins.

As with most muffins, they were relatively easy to make. I didn’t have any chocolate protein powder handy, just vanilla, but it sufficed. Eggs, wholemeal flour, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, butter and some other stuff later, I was left with a bowl of delicious goo

Before a blast in the oven:

Chocolate gooness. Almost. I did warn you that I make a terrible muffin. On the scale of my usual muffin-massacres, I think these did pretty well. They tasted nice enough. What’s even more convenient to me is keeping them in the freezer, then by the time I need my midmorning snack, I can take it out of the handbag at the hospital, and munch on it instead of having to ensure what feels like an hour long ride in the lifts to my locker.

As the recipe suggests, they are lovely with some almond nut butter.


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