GN: Strawberry Coconut Pudding

April 29, 2008 rooroo

I tried this at the weekend. It pleased me for two reasons: I love strawberries and coconut milk. It displeased me for one reason: cottage cheese.

I know I should be eating cottage cheese until the cows come home due to it’s awesome protein content and versitality, but ever since [WARNING: DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU ENJOY COTTAGE CHEESE] I had a bit of a gynaecological upset in my early teens, I was never able to look at the stuff again (not that I ever liked it in the first place).

I didn’t really get off to a good start with the blender. As soon as I dumped the cottage cheese in, I got a little piece of splashback on my hand and literally withered at the sight. By the time the coconut and strawberries were in, I was still dubious, but as soon as it was whizzed, I forgot that there was cottage cheese in the pudding, and transferred it to a bowl.

Most important criteria was the taste, and it didn’t let me down. It was wonderful – seriously! It tasted like sitting on a beach, but married in with the taste of a British summer afternoon in the shade. Better yet – this stuff is good for me (an anytime snack)! I added a little protein powder to thicken as the first batch was a little too thin (I think I had added a little too much coconut milk) but the second batch had a great texture, mixing between a thick smoothie and well…something thicker I guess.

Refreshing, summery and delicious. Apologies that the picture quality isn’t great, but it’s pink and pretty so…


Pink gloopy goodness



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