Food: homemade protein bars

April 25, 2008 rooroo

I generally find it quite difficult to get protein into my diet unless it comes from something that once had a face. Then I discovered protein powder, and my life became a lot easier. People (read: my boyfriend) spend hours upon hours researching the best protein powders and which will give you the best results, but in my mind, protein powder has one function: to provide protein in a convenient way. I add a scoop to my porridge, some to smoothies, milkshakes, muffins, etc and it’s a lot easier carrying around some protein shake in a bottle rather than slices of turkey to nibble on after the gym.

I decided to try out Gourmet Nutrition’s peanut crunch bars and it sort of evolved into a more protein bar type thing, but definitely worth a go.

In the recipe, I decided to use ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese. I didn’t have any oat flour, so I bought some porridge oats from T*scos (I know, I know). I used almond nut butter in addition to peanut butter, but you can use whatever takes your preference. I’d like to try them with hazelnut butter.

The basics. Apologies for the dishcloth in the background. Other ingredients not photographed include protein powder, spices (cinnamon and ginger).

It’s mostly a case of whirring everything up in a blender.

Then getting your hands stuck in. Leaving a sticky hand to pose in the mixing bowl is optional.

Eventually it’ll resemble something smooth and worthy of a spanking!

Mould into a foil lined tin, and freeze for 2 hours.

As far as protein bars go, the taste can be a bit hit and mix, but homemade ones are really worthwhile, especially as they don’t cost as nearly as much as store bought ones (and don’t have an ingredients list which resembles a nuclear wasteland). I munch on them as a snack at the hospital, although by then they’re a little more soft and chewy.


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