Gym: tightness

April 22, 2008 rooroo

“Try and close your legs a bit more!”

I wasn’t expecting to hear that in the gym, but today I asked one of the instructors if she could watch my form on the push press. My form was ok, but my legs kept jumping apart as soon as I did a rep. We discussed my squat stance and she believes that my hip flexors are too tight. I had thought this was the case for a while as I kept feeling a feeling of tightness in my right hip flexors. The fact that my glutes aren’t massively strong either probably contributes to this.

She suggested I modify the push press so I start from a squatting position, and move up from there. I liked the fact that it would work more of my lower body doing so, so we used one of the benches for me to perch on while I got used to the movement. Again, my legs were all over the place. After a few reps, she told me to visualise the different muscle groups working, and to really try to feel them. This seemed to work and she said my form was spot on.

I need to keep working on my glutes. I think that will help my overall squatting technique and I’ve noticed they’re beginning to take some shape. Less of the ironing board and more of an ironing board with a bit of a deformity in the middle.


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