Food: hot chocolate fondant

April 21, 2008 rooroo

If you like chocolate, sugar and butter, read on. This is by far my favourite dessert and every gym bunny (and non-gym bunnies included) deserves to feast upon something that’s so utterly divine. Some people tend to avoid making fondants out of fear of screwing up the recipe, but as long as you’re confident and don’t allow any nervousness to leech its way into the cooking process, you’ll be fine. The ex-lightbulb flatmate also tells me that I serve up a better fondant than Chez Bruce (he should know, he’s one of the chefs). Another great thing about this dessert is that modesty flies out of the window – with good reason.

If you want to make 2, you will require:

100g of good quality dark chocolate. I use chocolate with 70% cocoa solids. I don’t think you really need to go higher, but it’s up to you.

Serves 2. Increase for increasing numbers of guests, or your own greed 🙂

50g butter

60g sugar

50g plain flour

1 egg

1 egg yolk 

cocoa powder

Line 2 (or 4 in my case) ramekin pots with a small amount of butter, then shake some cocoa powder around until they’re coated. Cast them aside and forget about them for hours.

Heat some water in a saucepan and put a bowl on top. Into the bowl melt the butter and chocolate. Resist the urge to dunk fingers into the bowl, it will hurt.

Molten chocolate does look and smell awesome though. Leave to cool.

This is where my recipe differs slightly from others, it works for me but do whatever you’re comfortable with. Beat the egg white and stop before it gets to the stage of being soft peaks. Add the sugar and egg yolk, and beat again until it’s pale, soft and creamy.

Add the chocolate

And stir until well mixed. My favourite part is when it takes on a marble-like effect

Fold in the flour, and add to the ramekins.

Shove into the oven for 12 minutes, cooking at 160 degrees C.

Remove and behold! Leave them to cool for a couple of minutes so the edges come away from the sides easily. I find this time handy to scoop up some vanilla ice cream. Turn them upside down onto a plate and leave again for a few moments, and then with the gentlest of shakes, they should come out whole.

Eat like it’s your first/last meal.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Davie&hellip  | 

    My god that looks delicious!

  • 2. dommebell&hellip  | 

    It is! The best part is the melted chocolate centre. If you’re going to have something sweet, go the full hog and make this 😉

  • 3. Davie&hellip  | 

    I would probably end up in a diabetic coma!

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