Sadistic Sunday: the aftermath

April 13, 2008 rooroo

Well it appears the lightbulb enjoyed the lower body work. In his own words, “I love deadlifting!” Music to my ears. He and the boy weren’t so great with the squat, it’s something I think comes with a lot of practice, and lightbulb wanted to run before he could walk; to use the bar immediately. My own preference is to get used to the movement by sitting down on one of the benches (holding a 10kg plate is optional). Anyway, the lightbulb is no more, however we seem to be verging on overcompensation when he told me he wants to go to the gym again tonight. Sigh. Sit your arse down!

My deadlifting form looks ok, to the observer. However, the first rep of each set, I seem to be bringing my hips up too early, making it an almost stiff legged deadlift. I’m not sure if this is psychosomatic in that I’m anticipating the heavy load, or if I just need to engage my glutes a bit more and concentrate on pushing through my heels. I’m not prepared to take my chances even if it’s the former, so I’m going to take some weight off and continue with great sets rather than a good set with a few oopies at the beginning. I’m sure my back will appreciate it. In a sense it’s taking a step back but it’s also taking a step forward if it ensures something is being done properly.

I didn’t like the gym (Fitness First, Streatham Hill). It was too ‘busy’ for me. Not only in terms of human traffic, but the visual overload of noise, machines, benches, mirrors etc was a bit too much for me. My gym is small, but there’s enough ‘space’ in the sense that it’s airy and light.


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