Sadistic Sunday: changing the lightbulb

April 13, 2008 rooroo

Our flatmate is a gym veteran, but an utter lightbulb (strong, defined upper body, but nothing to show in the lower body). His exact words are, “Just thinking about squatting and deadlifting makes me bored,” unfortunately for him, that’s about to change. We’ve been giving him a bit of a tough time about it (what are flatmates for?) and the other day, he did the leg press for the first time; the day after, he had such a bad case of the DOMS, he found it painful to sit down. Excellent [said in Mr Burn’s voice]

Today we’re going to the gym in our building (he’s a member, boy and I are on guest passes) and we’re going to introduce him to squatting and deadlifting. Nothing too strenuous, probably body weight squats and deadlifting the bar, to get used to both movements but hopefully it’ll be enough to convince him that lower body workouts are so worth it, if only to improve gains in the upper body. If he has to crawl on his hands and knees to move tomorrow, that’ll be a bonus.

After workout meal for me will be GN’s banana cream pie oatmeal.


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