Food: stuffed courgettes

April 8, 2008 rooroo

I love courgettes, especially courgette flowers but I don’t grow my own so I have to wait until my grandmother or mum have had a good harvest. I think my love of courgettes has less to do with the taste and more to do with the awesome colour contrast and textures. And there always seems to be one hiding somewhere in the fridge so I have a never ending mysterious supply.

I was pretty excited to see the recipie for stuffed courgettes with shitake mushrooms. They took about 10 minutes to prepare. I messed around with the recipie a little bit: I used chanterelle mushrooms instead of shitake. This had nothing to do with preference; I happened to get overexcited in the mushroom section of the greengrocers and saw the golden little chanterelle’s and thought, “Ooooh, pretty!” (I fall for most marketing ploys, unsurprisingly). I was also a little reluctant to use feta as the recipie dictates, but I’m glad I did as the saltiness worked well with the bulk of the courgettes, without overpowering the delicate flavour of the mushrooms.

I can’t remember exactly what was in there, definitely; the scooped out insides of the courgettes, mushrooms, garlic, onion. I then added the feta, a finely chopped tomato and crushed pecans.

Stuff and bake

Ta da! They were pretty difficult to get onto a plate as they were pretty floppy, I found a fish slice and pair of tongs was sufficient. They tasted awesome, a perfect balance of flavours. I had them with some turkey steaks, but they would have gone well with some white fish or prawns.


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