Food: mini-pizzas

April 8, 2008 rooroo

Every Saturday, my grandmother and I engaged in a cute little ritual. She would warm up a bowl of sweetcorn and peas for me, and I would go and watch The A Team, sat on the carpet with my little bowl. I would eat the sweetcorn first, then the peas (I’m not sure why, I wouldn’t apply an obsessive compulsive complex to it, I think I just preferred seeing the colours in a particular way… hang on). After I had finished, I would go back into the kitchen, where she had already made the pizza bases; this was my cue to take a chair, pull it up to the kitchen counter and would help her to finish the pizzas. We would make sweet ricotta stuffed pizzas first, then the savoury ones. After they had cooled, we would take a bunch to her girlfriends and I would be given lots of attention from 50something Italian women. It was a great time!

Suffice to say, no pizza out there can ever hope to live up to the pizza of my grandmother, so this pizza was a little doomed to begin with. However, if I was going to speak on the basis of having a ‘clean slate’ I was pretty impressed.

I didn’t have any wholemeal tortillas to hand, so I just split a wholemeal pitta bread. I used a tiny bit of swiss cheese and a little red leicester. 

Please excuse the mess on the baking sheet. I used some lean beef mince, an onion, lots of garlic and a couple of spoonfuls of salsa.

As was the case when Skwigg made similar pizzas, they smelled soooo good upon coming out of the oven, I couldn’t wait for them to cool. Luckily I seem to have asbestos membranes, and didn’t notice the searing heat. They’re obviously not the same as a regular sauce/mozarella/whatever else pizza on a doughy base, but they were delicious enough, and I felt pretty virtuous while eating them, which can only be a plus.



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