Food: Granola

April 5, 2008 rooroo

I enjoy cooking late at night. I never intend on eating anything at the time, but I find it very theraputic that I can potter around the flat knowing that a significant of the portion of the city are either in bed or out drinking, clubbing, taking lots of drugs or having lots of sex. Or like my friend… Eli (name changed obviously) lying face down somewhere on the pavement in a drunken stupor.

Tonight I made granola. I didn’t follow the Gourmet Nutrition recipie to the letter; I added some ginger, and I doubled the amount of fennel seed and cinnamon. I also had an incident with the butter in the microwave, I didn’t realise either the chef or beast had turned the settings onto ‘high’ so when I heard a mini-explosion, I was a bit concerned. I’m not normally intimidated by technology, but microwaves scare me a lot for some reason. I switched it off at the mains and pulled the plug out. Had the freezer been large enough I may have stuck it in there.

Just a quick note on the music choice, I decided to go with a Lee Haslem mix of Tidy Euphoria. Hard House isn’t necessarily the best thing to cook to, I find it works me up into a state where I either start stomping or bouncing in the kitchen, and ignore what’s on the stove, but for some reason, I’m addicted to this little ritual.

The fennel seeds worked rather well in this recipie, I quite like their medicinal smell, it worked well with the maple syrup. Forgot to mention I added some peacans I had bought today.

I had to bake the granola in three batches, I did this on the pizza tray as it had the most space. The only problem was the little holes causing precious little flakes of granola to fall through. Not wanting to let good food to go waste I thought it would be appropriate to scoop them up and taste them. I was impressed: a nice rounded initial savoury flavour with a slightly mellow sweet aftertaste. I might bake some fruit tomorrow and add it to make a crumble.

I’m not sure what it is about granola that makes me feel wholesome and good. Perhaps it’s something I’m not supposed to question, but the entire flat now smells of spices and hues of baked sweetness, it somehow works very well with the trancey K90 remixed tune in the background.


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