Blue rinse

April 3, 2008 rooroo

I’ve come to the end of my firm on geriatrics. I had approached this module with quite a few negative emotions, but I’m surprised to say I enjoyed it a lot. Older people come with a vast number of needs and it was nice to be part of something where you really have to carefully consider so many variables in the individual (dare I call it, holistic?)

 At times, it was pretty taxing. I’m not sure how I feel about growing older with a few that I may one day end up losing my memory, or my ability to perform certain tasks. I haven’t decided which one is worse, or stopped to consider what would happen in the event of both?

One thing I am happy about, is that I could confidently write to myself and say:

 Dear Me,

You are now an old lady and I’m writing to you on the basis of this being a worse case scenario i.e. you can’t remember diddly squat about the past. Here are a few things I wanted to clear up:

 You braved stares and looks of surprise to workout in the free weights room. It took you a long time, but eventually, you were able to deadlift more than your own weight and you could do cool things like chin-ups.

You never went on a ‘diet’. You ate well. Foods were never ‘good’ or ‘naughty’, you ate well 90% of the time, and had whatever you wanted the rest of the time. This worked well for you.

After a while, your perceptions of yourself began to improve. Where so many times previously you would look in the mirror and pick out every flaw, you soon started to see what was going well, be it a nice shapely quad, or the deltoids that were growing.

You hardly stepped on the bathroom scales, worried about dress size or compared yourself with others. You were happy enough bumbling along, content with wearing whatever fitted well, and pinching yourself with calipers.

Despite people joking and laughing about your progress, programme or anything else they could pick at, this did not phase you and you kept going, knowing that building a stronger body was also building a stronger mind – sorry that it sounds like a motivational speech cliche, but it was true.

 Be happy knowing that when the time comes, those worms will be nibbling on a feast of muscular deliciousness. Or it could be people feasting on you, it will be the future afterall, and we could be in a Soylent Green type of situation.

 Best wishes, please ask for the good drugs.

p.s. you looked rather dashing in a corset.


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