Arse watch, part 1

March 18, 2008 rooroo

For as long as I can remember, I have always reffered to my lovely posterior as the ‘ironing board’ – pretty self-explanitory: straight up and down, nowt to see. It also runs in the family, my mum and my granmother have always had flat posteriors (yes, we’ve discussed it).

 Truth be told, I never really took much notice of it as I had always had a complex about my breasts. At their biggest they were a 30G, they’re now 28FF thanks to the drop in body fat. As a teenager, it wasn’t that fun to be that far into the alphabet (I’m happy to report, I love them now) so the ironing board was happy to be in the background, as that was something I didn’t have to draw attention to.

 Until now. I must admit, in the first year of working out, I neglected my glutes a little bit. And given that my thighs are quite strong now, it might be a little more difficult to engage them. At the moment, I’m splitting my routine, and on lower days, I try to include either the deadlift or squat and lunges. Outside of this, I take 2 or 3 steps at a time, giving my glutes a squeeze on the way up. It’s nice to shoot up the escalator at Victoria station.

I must admit, I shamefully didn’t squat very much in the last year. My form wasn’t great, and an instructor held no punches in telling me, but didn’t offer much help in improving it, besides telling me to, “Do cardio.” So I let the deadlift take over. It wasn’t until a month ago I started squatting again. At first with a 10kg plate, going as low as I could – which wasn’t that low to start with. The first time I went really low, my muscles ached for 3 days afterwards.

I looked at the videos on, and Then I picked up a small bar and did some squats. Felt ok.

 In the last week, I have been using the olympic bar confidently, and I felt that my form was good enough to add some weight, so I put on the tiny plates which all added up to 27.5kg. I found it almost easier having a little more weight helping me down, and I made a conscious effort to give my glutes a little squeeze during the exercise. In the next coming months I’m confident I’ll be adding more weight.

So in terms of arse watching, the ironing board has started to get a little ‘blip’. Even my boyfriend noticed (a bum man) and he happily told me, “Your bum is getting bigger!” He rarely picks up on tiny subtle changes, so I was pleased with this. Watch this space.


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