The gym environment

March 17, 2008 rooroo

I studied anthropology for a year before continuing with medical school. Following on from this, people watching became quite easy to do. Nowadays, I tend to look at people on the Tube and wonder if they have sadistic or masochistic tendencies. Or both, even.

 My gym is a student gym in a union building. Most of the floor is taken up by cardio machines and weight machines. The free weights area is tucked behind a corner, and I like it this way as I can make a twit of myself in peace.

As expected, the majority of the women in the gym are using the cardio machines. I can recall 4 separate occassions where I have seen a woman in the free weights area, and I have been a member for 15 months. Most of the men who are using the free weights area are concentrating on upper body work, mainly bicep curls or the bench press. Occassionally some guys squat or deadlift, but they are few and far between. There is one man who does pull-ups, and watching the muscles rippling in his back is almost hypnotic. It’s strangely beautiful.

I occassionally get looks of, “Oh my, there’s a woman in here, best make it look like I know what I’m doing!” but generally I’m left to my own devices. I’ve had a couple of supportive comments which have been welcome. Some guys are a little rude (in terms of basic gym ettiquette – put your weights back!) but I imagine that’s the nature of many places.

I tend to go early in the morning, or mid-day if I have a ward round that has finished early. I prefer not to go in the evenings as I’m tired and want to collapse on the sofa, and it tends to get quite busy.

Time to go and use a rolling pin on my quads


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