Body fat

March 16, 2008 rooroo

So my body fat is currently lingering around the 17% mark. This was quite a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t always like this. Sadly, this means that my corsets are probably a little loose, but luckily, I still have enough cleavage to get away with it.

 When I first started measuring my body fat, I was at 23%. I didn’t even start measuring until I had been working out for 9 months.

 My beloved, who knows me very well presented me with a pair of body fat calipers on Valentine’s day. We’re both in agreement not to do anything to mark the day (I think Valentine’s day should be for children, or men who want to break up with their girlfriends) but it was a lovely gesture all the same.

 So occassionally, we get together in the living room and check that our flatmate is not in. Then we check again. Then we remove our clothes, and mutually grab at each other’s skin and wait for that little ‘click’. After we’re done, I marvel at the little red marks that have been created and do the calculations. Then whatever the progress, static or otherwise, we congratulate each other on a job well done.


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